Horsekeeping Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
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We only have one of each item pictured - it will sell to the first person who sends payment.

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Horsekeeping Sterling Silver
"Symbol" 15-Charm Bracelet

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Hand made Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

7 inch long end to end


Sterling Silver double curb chain style  
Lobster Claw
Various Navajo and Zuni artists and Cherry Hill & Richard Klimesh,

Hand made Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

You can fasten the lobster claw clasp anywhere along the bracelet chain to achieve a perfect fit.



Horsekeeping Sterling Silver
Handmade 15-Charm Bracelet

$250 SOLD

Look through our selection of charms
for add-ons to your bracelet.




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Hand made Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Included in this bracelet are the following:

  • One Navajo Sterling Silver butterfly with turquoise, stamping and darling antennas
  • One Zuni inlay coral heart
  • One Acoma Jet hand carved horse with turquoise inlay eyes and turquoise medicine bundles
  • One Sterling Silver American flag
  • One Zuni snake pendant with turquoise stones and inset eyes and stamping by Nieto

Hand made Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

  • One Sterling Silver Teapot
  • Three Navajo Sterling Silver feathers
  • One Navajo Sterling Silver and Turquoise bear paw
  • One Sterling Silver Sea Horse

Hand made Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

  • One Zuni snake pendant of turquoise and coral with turquoise inlay eyes by Effie Calavaza
  • One Navajo Sterling Silver dreamcatcher with feather and turquoise stone
  • One Ruby in Sterling Silver setting
  • One Navajo Sterling Silver Man-in-a-Maze


About Horsekeeping Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are not by definition a Native American jewelry item. However, there are many small Native American pendants and earrings with great character and detail that make wonderful charms.

All of our charms, bracelets and findings are sterling silver. In most cases, the charms are Native American made in the US by Navajo or Zuni artists. The stones are real turquoise, coral, lapis, acoma jet, and more. Many of the charms are stone inlay with sterling silver channel work. Very nice detail on small items ! Some stones have been stabilized to preserve their color and durability.

All of the charm bracelets you see on our site were designed and assembled here at by us. We are not Native Americans.

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