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Cyrus Josytewa - Hopi Sterling Silver
Overlay Bracelets

HK Item #NBS265

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Cyrus Josytewa, Hopi
Silver Silver Overlay Bracelet

NBS265 - $75


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Sterling silver, Read about silver
Cyrus Josytewa
and artist's mark which is 3 circles 

6 3/4" total inside circumference and approximate wrist size. This measurement includes the gap.

The gap is the distance between the ends. On this bracelet, the gap is 7/8" and that is part of the 6 3/4" total inside circumference.

Paula says - "Hopi sterling silver overlay bracelets are becoming a lost art. These bracelets are made of two layers that are silver soldered together. Handcrafted by Hopi artist Cyrus Josytewa. Any of these Hopi bracelets will become one of your everyday favorites!!"

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Narrow and elegant.
  • Striking patterns and work.
  • They all can be easily opened or closed about 1/4 inch to custom fit a wrist
    Adjustable - see how

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