Navajo Sterling Silver Rope Twist Bracelet
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Authentic Tahe Navajo Sterling Silver
Rope Twist Bracelet - L/XL

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A classic sterling silver twist bracelet that looks like rope !

Substantial weight.

 Large / Extra Large size would be suitable for a man or a woman.
(inside end-to-end)  
(between ends) 

  1 1/2"

(at widest point)  


  57 grams



Excellent workmanship.

Due to their design, twist bracelets normally don't have a place for a hallmark stamp.

Made by the Navajo Tahe family.



Small - Fits a 6" wrist or less
Medium or Average - Fits from a 6" to a 7" wrist
Large - Fits from a 7" to an 8" wrist
Extra Large - Fits 8" and over

How to Choose and Fit a Cuff Bracelet

Tahe Navajo Sterling Silver
Rope Twist Bracelet #119

$140 SOLD

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