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Braided Leather Bolo Cords
with Sterling Silver Tips

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braided black leather bolo cord

You are buying the leather bolo cord with sterling silver tips. The concho bolo slide is just used for display.

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Paula says -

"A braided black leather cord can really set off certain bolos, like the stamped sterling silver concho shown at left (concho not included). The cords have sterling silver ends and the braided leather holds a nice even shape on your neck and is very comfortable to wear."

Braided Black Leather Bolo Cords
1/8+" (4mm) diameter leather cord. Sterling silver tips.

BOC - 36 inch -  $49 plus s/h

BOC - 42 inch - $55 plus s/h

BOC - 46 inch - $60 plus s/h

What is a Bolo Tie?

Cherry Hill HorsekeepingA bolo tie, also called a “shoestring necklace” or simply a bola, can be thought of as a Western necktie. A bolo tie can range from an inexpensive “string tie” to an elaborate sterling silver and leather affair. Maybe your younger brother had one of those string ties that he wore with his cowboy hat and cap guns ??!!

A bolo has three parts:

  • The cord that goes around the neck is called the lariat. It is traditionally braided from leather, and most commonly black leather. The lariat can also be made from woven cord, thus the term “string tie”.

  • The ends of the lariat are finished off with tips. The tips can be made of sterling silver, copper or other metals. They can be machine made tips or hand made tips.

  • And finally we get to the Pièce de résistance which means the focal point, the best part or feature, the artistic creation for which the other portions exist ! The slide. The slide is a decorative feature that, as its name indicates, slides up and down on the lariat. The slide can be worn up at the neck in the same position as a necktie knot (formal) or down lower for a more casual effect. Slides can vary as widely as the artist’s imagination and can utilize many materials.
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