Authentic Native American Navajo Stamped Sterling Silver Hair Combs

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Jenny Blackgoat - Navajo Stamped Sterling Silver
Repousse Hair Combs
HK Item #COM222

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Navajo Sterling Silver Hair Combs


What is repousse?

A method of embossing metal by stamping and hammering a design from the back to produce a three-dimensional bas-relief surface then polishing the front.

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Jenny Blackgoat - Navajo
Stamped Repousse Sterling Silver

Hair Combs

COM222-C - $78 SOLD

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Navajo Sterling Silver Hair Combs

Paula says - "You will receive a pair of matching combs. To the left we just show one comb, choose the design you like and you will receive two matching combs. There is only one set of each design available."

3 1/8" long x 1 7/8" tall

Sterling silver, Read about silver
Plastic combs

Jenny, Blackgoat, Navajo

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