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Vintage NOS Copper
5-Wire Bracelet

HK Item #CSB109

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Vintage NOS Copper Bracelet

5-wire: two twist, three smooth.

The total inside circumference is the approximate wrist size. See diagram below.

Adjustable approximately 3/8" larger or smaller

1/2" wide

39 grams
Copper, Read about copper

Authentic Copper Waves Bracelet

Horsekeeping LLC - Definitions of Jewelry Age and Condition
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A dark or colored film of oxidation that forms naturally on metal by exposure to air and other elements. It is often valued for its aesthetically pleasing appearance. All items in our Vintage Shop have some patina, even NOS.
30 years or older.
New Old Stock. Made at least 20 years ago but never used.
An item that has been used.

Vintage NOS Copper
5-Wire Bracelet
$40 plus s/h

CSB109A - 6 3/8"    

Paula says - "This bracelet is NOS (new old stock) that was made in the 1970s but never used - it is brand new vintage!"

Authentic Copper Waves Bracelet

Bracelet measurements

The Total Inside Circumference (total measurement around the inside) is also the approximate wrist size.

Questions or more details.

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About Copper - Copper is a pure elemental metal, CU on the periodic table. It is reddish brown and is soft enough so that it is malleable which means you can shape and bend it fairly easily. Copper oxidizes and darkens when it comes in contact with the air in the environment. There are many who swear by the health benefits of wearing copper (copper bracelet manufacturers) while others have the opposite viewpoint. Read more about copper . . .

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