Vintage Bell Trading Post
Solid Copper Symbols Bracelets

HK Item #CSB21

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Vintage Copper Symbols Bracelet Bell Trading Post


Size is the total inside circumference and approximate wrist size. This measurement includes the gap.

The gap is the distance between the ends, and that is part of the total inside circumference.

Copper is soft and easy to shape so this bracelet can be adjusted larger or smaller by approximately 1/4". Adjustable - see how.

1" tall all around

32 grams
Image of a bell

Vintage Copper Symbols Bracelet Bell Trading Post

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Vintage Bell Trading Post
Solid Copper Symbols Bracelet

CSB21C - Size 7 inch, 1 1/2" gap
Hallmark: SOLID COPPER and a signpost

$45 plus s/h          

Paula says -

"This vintage bracelet design has very characteristic Native American stamping. It has five panels with black background and symbols including dog or horse, man, thunderbird, arrowhead, and crossed arrows. A real treasure."

Vintage Copper Symbols Bracelet Bell Trading Post

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About Copper - Copper is a pure elemental metal, CU on the periodic table. It is reddish brown and is soft enough so that it is malleable which means you can shape and bend it fairly easily. Copper oxidizes and darkens when it comes in contact with the air in the environment. There are many who swear by the health benefits of wearing copper (copper bracelet manufacturers) while others have the opposite viewpoint. Read more about copper . . .

About Bell Trading Post

Bell Trading Post was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1932 by Jack Michelson and his wife Mildred. They sold sterling silver, nickel silver, gold and copper southwest style jewelry at various tourist locations in the United States. Bell Trading Post got its name from Jack's wife, whose maiden name was Bell. Their main competitor was The Maisel Company until Maisel's closed in 1968. In 1969, Bell Trading Post and partners became Sunbell, the name which was then used on the jewelry. Sunbell continued to offer jewelry items as well as giftware and moccasins until the late 1980s. Over the years numerous hallmarks were used on items sold by Bell Trading Post and Sunbell. The hallmarks typically included the image of a bell or that of an arrow sign post with a bell sign hanging from it. Shown here are just a few of Bell Trading Post's and Sunbell's hallmarks.

Bell Trading Post  hallmark   Bell Trading Post  hallmark   Bell Trading Post  hallmark  Bell Trading Post  hallmark   

Bell Trading Post  hallmark     Bell Trading Post  hallmark   Bell Trading Post  hallmark

According to trademark records the mark "Bell Jewelry" was first used in 1935, and the "Arrow post hanging bell sign" were first used in 1961.

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