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Vintage Copper
Thunderbird Pendant

HK Item #CSP103

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copper cuff pendant

Paula says - "This vintage thunderbird is in good condition. It has a mark at the neck that makes it look like he's wearing a collar."

2 3/4" X 1 5/8"
16 grams
Vintage Copper
Thunderbird Pendant

HK Item #CSP103
$45 SOLD


No chain included
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About Copper - Copper is a pure elemental metal, CU on the periodic table. It is reddish brown and is soft enough so that it is malleable which means you can shape and bend it fairly easily. Copper oxidizes and darkens when it comes in contact with the air in the environment. There are many who swear by the health benefits of wearing copper (copper pendant manufacturers) while others have the opposite viewpoint. Read more about copper . . .

Thunderbird is a cross-cultural symbol of the Southwest, Plains and Pacific Northwest tribes as well as in the non-Native world. Much is written about the origin of the symbol and its significance. It has been suggested by some that the symbol was borrowed by Native American artisans from medal dies from the white man. Others claim the Thunderbird has always lived in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. There, carved totem poles are often topped with a Thunderbird with outstretched wings. Looking at a Thunderbird, it is easy to see why it symbolizes power, strength and nobility.

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