Authentic Native American Indian Silverdust Curl Earrings

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Navajo Sterling Silver
Silverdust Curl Earrings

HK Item #NE325

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Zuni Catherdral Turquoise and Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling Silver, Read about silver
2 1/4" long including ear wires
3/8" wide
Tahe Family, Navajo

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Tahe Family - Navajo
Sterling Silver
Silverdust Curl Earrings
$30 plus s/h

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Silverdust, or Silver Dust, is a technique that Navajo silversmiths use to add texture, contrast and sparkle to the background of a piece. Sterling silver shavings or filings are applied to the surface of a sterling silver piece and then heated just enough for the particles to adhere - resulting in a textured background. The silverdust process is more complicated that this quick description and involves other ingredients and great skill with the heat. If stones are going to be added to a piece, they are added after all heating processes, such as silverdusting, are completed.

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