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Lucy Valencia, Navajo - Sterling Silver
White Buffalo Earrings
HK Item #NE664

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Authentic Navajo sterling silver and White Buffalo wire-style earrings by Lucy Valencia

1 5/8" long including wire
Sterling Silver, Read about silver
White Buffalo, Read about stones
stamped: LJ  .925
Lucy Valencia, Navajo

Lucy Valencia, Navajo
Sterling Silver Wire-Style
White Buffalo Earrings

NE664 - $115 SOLD


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What is White Buffalo?

White Buffalo (Sacred Buffalo Stone, White Turquoise) was discovered at the Dry Creek turquoise mine on the Shoshone Indian Reservation near Battle Mountain, Nevada in 1993. To date, this is the only place it is found. White Buffalo is as rare as the sacred white buffalo, which is why the Shoshone Indians named it Sacred Buffalo Stone. It is white with black and/or brown matrix and it is sometimes called white turquoise but it is technically not turquoise. This is because turquoise, by definition, contains copper (it is a copper aluminum phosphate), which is what gives turquoise its characteristic blue color (presence of iron will shift the color toward green). Although Sacred Buffalo Stone resembles turquoise in hardness and will polish to a high shine like turquoise, it has no copper, thus no blue color.

Read my blog post White Turquoise Demystified .

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