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Authentic Native American Navajo
Animal Fetish Earrings

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Navajo Fox fetish earrings

Navajo Fox fetish earrings

Navajo animal fetish earrings

Navajo Bear fetish earrings

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Navajo Bear fetish earrings

Navajo dolphin fetish Necklace and Earrings set

Navajo dolphin fetish Necklace and Earrings set


Zuni Fetishes and Carvings
Types of Fetishes

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Zuni Animal Fetish necklaceFetish Necklace and Earrings - The use of small carved animals on Native American necklaces and earrings is a modern invention for the market. It is not traditional to use a fetish, per se, on a necklace or as jewelry.


Zuni Horse Table Fetish carvingTable Fetish - Table fetishes stand on a flat surface for viewing. They come in various scales with the 2-inch scale being the size most commonly sold today.


Zuni  Pocket Bear Fetish carvingPocket Fetish - A fetish can be carried when the power of the animal is desired to help the person with a routine task or an obstacle or problem. Pocket fetishes might help with safe travel, a successful venture or "hunt", a good yield or "crop".


 Native American Medicine BagMedicine Bag Fetish - A fetish can be transported in a medicine bag but it is said that only the mole is content in the darkness for long periods of time.

Zuni, Navajo
Animal Carvings
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1 - Old and New

2 - How Fetishes are Made

3 - Animal Powers

4 - Uses

5 - Types of Fetishes 

6 - Six Directions

7 - Care and Feeding

8 - Habit Forming


Native American Jewelry and Fetish Carving Books
Zuni Fetish Books

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationNOTES FROM OUR CUSTOMERS

"The horse fetish earrings are truly a delight. What talent and patience it takes to create such a work of art. " - Nancy

"Thanks for the great service--the earrings arrived incredibly fast and I liked them so much that I didn't want to give them away. Will have to order some more... soon." - Susanne

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