Native American Indian Zuni Fetish Carvings Six Directions Set

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   Dawn and Dusk  

Authentic Zuni Fetish Carvings Six Directions Set

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Hand made Native American Zuni Indian Fetish 6 Directions Set

Six Directions Set - Dawn and Dusk
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Hand made Native American Zuni Indian fetish 6 Directions Set

Hand made Native American Indian fetish

Hand made Native American Indian fetish 

All Zuni Set
Scale of set: Largest piece (Bear) is 2" long

Mountain Lion by Zuni artist Lorae Lonasee from Augite with Turquoise arrowhead adornment and Turquoise inlaid eyes.

Bear by Zuni artist Alex Tsethlikai from Dolomite with Turquoise inlaid eyes. Signed "AT"

Badger by Zuni artist Randy Lucio from Picasso Marble with Turquoise inlaid eyes. Signed "RL"

Wolf by Zuni artist Wilford Cachini from Fishrock with Turquoise inlaid eyes. Signed "WC ZUNI"

Eagle by Zuni artist Andres Lementino from Soapstone with Turquoise inlaid eyes. Signed "AL"

Mole by Zuni artist Ephran Chavez from Dolomite with Turquoise inlaid eyes. Signed "E Chavez ZUNI"


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Six Directions Set

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The Zuni define their world in terms of directions with their home and village and its inhabitants in the "Middle Place" at the center of the world. From there radiate the six directions - the four cardinal directions (North, South, East West) and the Upper Dimension and the Lower Dimension.

The home is guarded on each side by the animal guardian of each of the six regions. Often a group of six fetishes representing the six directions are placed in the home as a set to protect the home.

The hierarchy is as follows:

  • The mountain lion guards the North.
  • The bear guards the West.
  • The badger guards the South.
  • The wolf guards the East.
  • The eagle guards the Upper Dimension or the Sky.
  • The mole guards the Lower Regions or the Earth.

Various animals represent certain powers.

  • Mountain Lion - Leadership, Protection for Travelers and Success for Hunters
  • Bear - Soul Strength, Power from Within, Introspection, Healing
  • Badger - Aggressiveness, Perseverance
  • Wolf - Teacher, Pathfinder, Clarity, Survival
  • Eagle - Spirit, Vision, Truth, a link to the Great Spirit
  • Mole - The Protector of the Underworld and Crops, Awareness, Introspection

Some Zuni artists carve all six fetishes out of one piece of stone – this is a very rare Six Directions set.

Another approach is to carve one fetish, say the badger, larger and then to tie the other five fetishes, carved in a smaller scale, to the badger.

A more common grouping is a display of the six fetishes, all in approximately the same scale, on a natural setting such as one made with rocks and wood.

Most Native American tribes use fetishes in one way or another and many tribes carve fetishes. The southwestern tribes excel at stone, antler and shell carvings and the Zuni is the most noted carvers of all the southwestern tribes. Because of that Zuni fetishes are often very expensive. Very nice carvings by Navajo carvers are available at more affordable prices. Therefore, we have indicated all the information we have on each piece in each set. Some sets are made up of all Zuni carvings, others are a combination of carvings by Zuni and Navajo artists.

Once you purchase a set, you can always replace one particular animal with a carving by one of your other favorite artists.

Six Directions Set on a rock fountain.


We hope that you find a Six Directions Set
that speaks out to you and enhances your home
and that you enjoy yours as much as we do ours.





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