Native American Zuni Indian Horse Fetish Carving

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Emery Boone - Zuni Horse Fetish
"Thunder Heart"
HK Item #FH383

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Native American Indian Horse Fetish

Jet, turquoise, mother of pearl, coral
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2 1/4"
1 1/2"
Emery Boone, Zuni

Native American Indian Horse Fetish

Inlaid heart line of coral and mother of pearl.

Native American Indian Horse Fetish

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"Thunder Heart"
Emery Boone - Zuni
Jet Horse Fetish - FH383

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Native American Indian Horse Fetish

Dime above shows scale of horse.

Native American Indian Horse Fetish

Inlaid rain clouds of turquoise, mother of pearl, and coral.

Native American Indian Horse Fetish

Inlaid turquoise eyes.

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What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Although carved from many types of rock, fishrock is traditional. Read more about fetishes.

HORSE - The Horse Spirit inspires our dreams, awakens passion, carries us far and fast, and brings us close to our instinctual and authentic nature. Horse enables us to move beyond our limitations and run freely. Spirit or Medicine Horses were and are extremely helpful in guidance, healing, protection and ceremony. Horse represents wisdom, physical power and unearthly power. Horse enables healers to travel in Spirit energy, using Horse to help guide them to the answer. Horses are symbols that can express our magical side. Horses are also known as symbols of freedom and independence.

Heart Line. The heart line is a line etched, painted or inlaid along one or both sides of the animal. It usually extends from the mouth to the region of the heart. There are many interpretations as to what a heart line represents, but it is often said to represent the pathway of the breath of the animal to the life force which is the heart. Others feel that the heart line points to the soul of the animal. It is thought that a heart line gives the fetish healing or medicinal power.

Jet (Acoma Jet) - A solid, durable type of lignite coal that originated from wood material. It is mined around the Acoma Pueblo region, among other places, thus the name Acoma Jet. It is very popular with Indian artists for carving fetishes. It is also used for inlaying jewelry but usually is not used in jewelry stone sets. Read about stones.

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