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HK Item #FB406
"Night Watch"
Juana Homer - Zuni Bear Fetish Carving

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Native American Zuni Bear fetish azurite 

Coral inlaid eyes.

Azurite, coral
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1 1/2"
Juana Homer, Zuni

Native American Indian Jewelry and Fetish Carving booksJuana Homer's work is featured in Zuni Fetishes and Carvings by Kent McManis.


Native American Zuni Bear fetish azurite

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"Night Watch"
Juana Homer - Zuni
Azurite Bear Fetish Carving


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Native American Zuni Bear fetish azurite

Dime above shows scale of carving.

Native American Zuni Bear fetish azurite

Native American Zuni Bear fetish azurite

Medicine bundle of spiny oyster arrowhead with azurite and coral bundle tied on with sinew.

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationWhat is a Fetish? A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. A fetish represents relationship and unity. Read more about fetishes.

Bear is considered the most powerful of all of the animals and is one of the most popular subjects of fetish carvers. Bear is a spiritual guide and represents strength and self-knowledge. He also has supernatural powers, great healing powers. Bear is a symbol deliberate action, introspection, soul and insight for the past and the future. The Bear is the guardian of the West an is one of the animals of the Six Directions. The most powerful medicine bear is White Bear.

Medicine Bundle - Many fetishes have a medicine bundle, offering bundle, or adornment tied on the back of the animal that consists of coral seed beads, shell heishi, feathers and other stone pieces. The bundle may be used as an offering to the fetish, to evoke the spirit of the fetish or to increase the strength of a fetish.

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