Bear Fetish Carving of Azurmalachite

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HK Item #FB719
"Bold & Blue"
Bear Fetish Carving

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 Bear Fetish of azurmalachite

Inlaid coral eyes.

azurmalachite, turquoise, orange spiny oyster, turquoise, coral, Read about stones
2 1/4"
1 3/8"

Bear Fetish of azurmalachite

Medicine bundle of an orange spiny oyster arrow head, turquoise nugget, coral, all tied with sinew.

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"Bold & Blue"
Bear Fetish Carving

FB719 - $60 SOLD

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"Paula says - "In my opinion, this colorful bear shows all the design characteristics and workmanship of being Zuni made. But because there is no hallmark that we can attribute to a specific artist we can't legally sell it as Native American made - read more."

Bear Fetish of azurmalachite

Bear Fetish of azurmalachite

Bear Fetish of azurmalachite

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationWhat is a Fetish?

A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. A fetish represents relationship and unity. Read more about fetishes.

Bear is considered the most powerful of all of the animals and is one of the most popular subjects of fetish carvers. Bear is a spiritual guide and represents strength and self-knowledge. He also has supernatural powers, great healing powers. Bear is a symbol deliberate action, introspection, soul and insight for the past and the future. The Bear is the guardian of the West an is one of the animals of the Six Directions.

Heart Line. The heart line is a line etched, painted or inlaid along one or both sides of the animal. It usually extends from the mouth to the region of the heart. There are many interpretations as to what a heart line represents, but it is often said to represent the pathway of the breath of the animal to the life force which is the heart. Others feel that the heart line points to the soul of the animal. It is thought that a heart line gives the fetish healing or medicinal power.

Azurite is a brilliant deep blue stone (hydrated copper carbonate) that gets its vibrant color from its close association with copper-bearing ores. It is related to malachite, a vibrant green gemstone that is often found nearby or within the azurite. When they are found together, often near copper deposits in Arizona, they are called Azurmalachite.

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