Native American Zuni Turquoise Buffalo Fetish Carving

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    HK Item #FT279
Russell Shack - Zuni
Buffalo Fetish Carving

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Native American Zuni Buffalo Fetish Carving

Turquoise, jet,
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1 1/2 "
Russell Shack, Zuni

 Native American Zuni Buffalo Fetish Carving   

Inlaid jet eyes.

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Russell Shack - Zuni
Buffalo Fetish Carving
#FT279 -
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Paula says - "This turquoise buffalo is characteristic of Russell Shack's unique style, with a large head, pronounced hump and small hindquarters."

Native American Zuni Buffalo Fetish Carving

Dime above shows scale of carving.

Native American Zuni Buffalo Fetish Carving  

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What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Although carved from many types of rock, fishrock is traditional. Read more about fetishes.

BUFFALO MEDICINE: Buffalo was the major source of sustenance for Indigenous cultures of the plains, giving meat for food, hides for shelter and clothing, and Spirit Medicine. The Medicine of Buffalo is prayer, gratitude and praise for that which has been received. Buffalo Medicine is also knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred, and when gratitude is expressed to every living part of creation, recognizing the sacredness of every walk of life. The appearance of buffalo is a sign that prayers are being heard, that the sacred pipe and Spirit are being honored.

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