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Harold Davidson - Navajo
Angora Goat Fetish Carving

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Authentic Native American Navajo Angora Goat Fetish Carving by Harold Davidson

alabaster, turquoise,
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wood (horns), glass beads, feathers
4 5/8" long
3 3/4" tall
1 1/2" wide
inscribed: Harold Davidson
Harold Davidson, Navajo

Authentic Native American Navajo Angora Goat Fetish Carving by Harold Davidson

Medicine bundle of feathers and a beaded surcingle.


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Harold Davidson - Navajo
Angora Goat Fetish - #FT356

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Paula says - "Navajo fetish maker Harold Davidson creates unique animals. Each of his pieces captures the essence of the animal spirit displaying character and his signature details. He decorates each piece with radiant colored feathers attached by colorful glass seed beads. His masterful etching of the stone provides a striking contrast. Each fetish is signed and dated. Caution: If you buy one, others will follow!"

Authentic Native American Navajo Angora Goat Fetish Carving by Harold Davidson

Authentic Native American Navajo Angora Goat Fetish Carving by Harold Davidson

Turquoise eyes.

Authentic Native American Navajo Angora Goat Fetish Carving by Harold Davidson

Navajo Churro Sheep and Angora Goats

Sheep and goats have been an important part of Navajo life since the 1500s. Native Americans got their first sheep from the Spaniards and sheep have since become a main source of negotiable wealth. Herds are kept on remote parts of the reservation. Herding is an all-year-round occupation and groups of men take turns watching the sheep. Sheep fetish carvings represent charity, patience, gentleness and riches. Read more . . .

A Short History on Navajo Angora Goats

Navajo Angora Goats are sometimes referred to as Spanish Angora Goats, but their origins, unlike the Churro, are not in Spain at all. Angora goats have a long and illustrious history. Behind dogs, they're potentially the second species ever domesticated by humankind, with a history stretching back at least to 1500 B.C. in the arid mountains of Turkey. Read more . . .

Navajo Cultural Adoption of Sheep and Weaving

The action of Navajo men presenting the sheep to Navajo women was reflective of the central role of women in Navajo society. At some point in time, Navajo society evolved into a matrilineal society, with descent and inheritance determined through the mother. Navajo women have traditionally owned the bulk of resources and property, such as livestock. Getting the sheep was the first step. The second step was learning how to weave using the sheep's wool.

Breed Standard- Navajo Heritage Angora

The Angora goats were selectively bred for heavier fleeces, resulting in the standard Angora animal with near head-to-toe fiber coverage. A few breeders, primarily those isolated on the Navajo Reservation in the area surrounding the Four Corners, continued to breed the traditional Angora with fiber-free face and legs. Read more . . .

About the Artist - Harold Davidson

1987 Harold began helping a Jemez carver by the name of Marvin Toya. In 1991 he began selling his own work at art shows and to galleries in Flagstaff and Sedona, Arizona. Harold gets ideas for his art through meditation and works on projects full time, often 14 hours a day most weeks. Today Harold lives close to Gallup, N.M., and continues to sell his work at shows and to galleries.

What is an Animal Fetish?

Native American Jewelry and Fetish Carving BooksA fetish is a carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Fetishes are carved from many types of stone, wood, antler, shell and other materials. Often the eyes and spots of adornment, called power spots, inset pieces of contrasting stones such as turquoise, jet and coral.
Read more about fetishes.

What is a Medicine Bundle?

Many fetishes have a medicine bundle, offering bundle, or adornment tied onto the animal that consists of coral seed beads, shell heishi, feathers and other stone pieces. The bundle may be an offering to the fetish, to used evoke the spirit of the fetish or to increase the strength of a fetish.

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Types of Fetishes

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Zuni Animal Fetish necklaceFetish Necklace

The use of small carved animals on Native American necklaces is a modern invention for the market. It is not traditional to use a fetish, per se, on a necklace or as jewelry.


Zuni Horse Table Fetish carvingTable Fetish

Table fetishes stand on a flat surface for viewing. They come in various scales with the 2-inch scale being the size most commonly sold today.


Zuni  Pocket Bear Fetish carvingPocket Fetish

A fetish can be carried when the power of the animal is desired to help the person with a routine task or an obstacle or problem. Pocket fetishes might help with safe travel, a successful venture or "hunt", a good yield or "crop".


 Native American Medicine BagMedicine Bag Fetish

A fetish can be transported in a medicine bag but it is said that only the mole is content in the darkness for long periods of time.

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