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Cryer Creek CollectionHK Item #FO299
"Black Magic"
Mike Yatsayte - Zuni Mole Fetish Carving

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Authentic Native American Mole Fetish carving of jet by Zuni Mike Yatsayte

   Inlaid turquoise eyes.

jet, turquoise, Read about stones;
sinew (thread made from animal tendon)
2 3/4"
1 1/4"
inscribed: M Y
Mike Yatsayte, Zuni

Authentic Native American Mole Fetish carving of jet by Zuni Mike Yatsayte

"Black Magic "
Mike Yatsayte, Zuni
Mole Fetish Carving

FO299 - $55 SOLD

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Authentic Native American Mole Fetish carving of jet by Zuni Mike Yatsayte

Authentic Native American Mole Fetish carving of jet by Zuni Mike Yatsayte

Authentic Native American Mole Fetish carving of jet by Zuni Mike Yatsayte

Medicine bundle consists of a turquoise arrowhead tied with sinew.

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What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Read more about fetishes.

Medicine Bundle - Many fetishes have a medicine bundle, offering bundle, or adornment tied on the back of the animal that consists of coral seed beads, shell heishi, feathers and other stone pieces. The bundle may be used as an offering to the fetish, to evoke the spirit of the fetish or to increase the strength of a fetish.

Mole is associated by many Native American tribes with the underworld, representing the downward direction, the color black, earth and agriculture, and sickness and health. Pueblo tribes consider mole a medicine animal and one of the guardians of the six directions. Zuni use the mole fetish for protection, healing and hunting power.

Jet (Acoma Jet) - A solid, durable type of lignite coal that originated from wood material. It is mined around the Acoma Pueblo region, among other places, thus the name Acoma Jet. It is very popular with Indian artists for carving fetishes. It is also used for inlaying jewelry but usually is not used in jewelry stone sets. Jet can be heavy or very lightweight and it is sometimes mistaken for plastic. Read about stones.

Cryer Creek Collection Cryer Creek Collection

The jewelry and artifacts in this collection were gathered by a man born in 1933 and who has been collecting for over 60 years. He has a great love of Native American people, their culture and customs and their art. Living and working most of his life in Texas, he has been particularly drawn to Lakota, Comanche, Apache, Pueblo, Navajo and Zuni pieces. We will be listing items from his collection over the next year, so keep an eye on the Newly Listed Items page.

Horsekeeping LLC - Definitions of Jewelry Age and Condition
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A dark or colored film of oxidation that forms naturally on metal exposure to air and other elements. It is often valued for its aesthetically pleasing appearance.
30 years or older.
New Old Stock. Retail store inventory from at least 10 years ago.
An item that has been used.

Our Rescue Mission

We are in the vintage Native American jewelry rescue business and are passionate about finding new homes for used and vintage jewelry and artifacts. That's why we purchase Native American pieces from estates, inheritances, collection downsizing and New Old Stock (NOS) inventory from closed stores.

Often people contact us after taking a box of Native American jewelry to their local pawn shop and find that a pawn shop is mainly interested in melt value of the metals and not in preserving the beautiful historic pieces. To hear that people have considered selling these treasures for melt value makes us truly sad.

Melt value is usually far below what we would offer for the jewelry. Yet we can't pay retail price for items because of the time and cost involved in finding new homes for them. We have to research, often repair and restore the jewelry, photograph and list each item on our website, and sometimes hold pieces in inventory for years until the right buyer comes along.

We hope you'll find something special in our vintage shop that will complete yet another circle of our jewelry re-homing mission.

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