Native American Zuni Snake Fetish Carving

Horsekeeping LLCEach Native American Indian animal fetish
carving is hand made and unique. - Authenticity
We only have one of each item pictuBlack - it will sell
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Kiyite Zuni Snake Fetish

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Hand made Native American Indian Bear Fetish


Mother - Zuni Snake Table Fetish
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Hand made Native American Indian Bear Fetish



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Mother of Pearl with Jet inlay eyes
1 5/8"
Fitz Kiyite, Zuni

Carved from white Mother of Pearl.

This rattlesnake has rattles, detailed scales and jet eyes.

She is named Mother because she is made from MOP but also due to the significance of the Snake (see below).

Carved by Zuni artist Fitz Kiyite.

What is a Fetish? A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. A double fetish represents relationship and unity. Read more about fetishes.

Snake. Transmutation: Life, Death, Rebirth; also very connected to lightning and important in Zuni ceremonies

Mother of Pearl (MOP). This is a shell, usually clear white and translucent, sometimes with a little striation. Read more about stones.

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