Zuni Horse Fetish Authentic Native American Indian Carving
-  Made in USA  -

Each piece of Native American Indian Jewelry is hand made and unique. - Authenticity
We only have one of each item pictured - it will sell to the first person who sends payment.
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   Warm Heart   
Laiwakete Zuni Horse Table Fetish

Hand made Native American Indian Horse Fetish

Carved from a burgundy piece of serpentine that is a warm shade somewhere between cinnamon and wine, with many interesting variegations in the gem stone.

Hand made Native American Indian Horse Fetish

On one side, there is a beautiful inlaid heart line of Jet and Mother of Pearl that glistens
- the arrowhead shines like gold.

Hand made Native American Indian Horse Fetish

Beautiful form and detail on the mane,
tail and forelock. Inlaid turquoise eyes.

Hand made Native American Indian Horse Fetish

Laiwakete Zuni Horse Fetish

Warm Heart
$65 SOLD

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Serpentine, Mother of Pearl, Jet, Turquoise, Coral and White Shell Heishi
2 1/2"
1 1/4"
3/4" at the medicine bundle
R L Zuni
Rodney Laiwakete

  Hand made Native American Indian Horse Fetish  Hand made Native American Indian Horse Fetish

There is a medicine bundle of a Mother of Pearl arrowhead and turquoise, coral and white shell heishi.


What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Although carved from many types of rock, fishrock is traditional. Read more about fetishes.

Many fetishes have a medicine bundle or adornment tied on the back of the horse that often consists of coral seed beads, shell heishi, feathers and other stone pieces. The style and detail of carving varies among artists but usually includes detail on the face, ears, tail and mane. Often the eyes and other spots of adornment on the horse are inset pieces of contrasting stones such as turquoise, coral and others. Read more about stones.

The horse is an animal of freedom and the Horse Fetish has the power of healing, strength and safe movement.

Heart Line. The heart line is a line etched, painted or inlaid along one or both sides of the animal. It usually extends from the mouth to the region of the heart. There are many interpretations as to what a heart line represents, but it is often said to represent the pathway of the breath of the animal to the life force which is the heart. Others feel that the heart line points to the soul of the animal. It is thought that a heart line gives the fetish healing or medicinal power.

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