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Magnetic Clasps for Necklace or Bracelet

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Paula says - "Many of our customers have mentioned they find it difficult to fasten some necklace and bracelet clasps. Well, we put our heads together and found an assortment of magnetic clasps that can hook onto the ends of your jewelry piece and make fastening a breeze.

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magnetic clasp for necklace and bracelet


magnetic clasp for necklace and bracelet


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Tips from Paula - "These magnets are strong and work really well with many necklaces but don't expect them to hold up your two pound turquoise slab necklace!!

"Before you wear your necklace out, test drive the magnetic clasp on your necklace around home so you will be aware and confident that it will work well for you. Give some tugs to see how much pressure is needed to release the magnet. Make your usual hair and clothing adjustments as you would when you are out and about to see if something you do could snag your necklace and pop the clasp open - such as using a hair brush on your beautiful long hair at the nape of your neck.

"We do not manufacture these magnet closures. We just offer them for people who have difficulty fastening necklaces. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of a necklace or bracelet using any of our jewelry helpers. If you are going to leave the magnet on a particular necklace permanently, if it has a hook, squeeze the hook closed for added security."

Story from Paula

If you are a Native American jewelry aficionado like I am, you have a lot of necklaces with hook closures. We have a couple of choices.

  • We can permanently and securely fasten the necklace and slip it over our head.
  • We can leave the hooks spread fairly wide open so that they are easier to hook into the loop on the other end.
  • We can close the hook a little or a lot which makes fastening and unfastening a little harder but the necklace stays more securely fastened when we are wearing it.
  • We can try magnetic fasteners.
One day a few years ago, I wore one of my favorite silver bead necklaces into town to do grocery shopping and other errands. I love to reach up and feel the beautiful stamped beads from time to time, so when we were waiting in line at the grocery store and hubby and I were chatting, I reached up and NO NECKLACE !! Sheer panic swept over me as I started mentally retracing my steps trying to remember where I last knew I had the necklace on. But then all of a sudden I noticed I had a little something extra in the cleavage area of my bra!! Talk about relieved! There it was unnoticed because silver beads take on the body temperature of the wearer so they were just like a piece of me!! BUT, this did teach me to be so much more aware of secure closure of all my necklaces and link bracelets.


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