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HK Item #MK430     
  Bear and Sons Cutlery - MADE IN THE USA
Stockman 3-Blade Navajo Inlay Knives

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Navajo inlay 3-blade stockman  knife

NP430-G Purple Sugilite    $75 SOLD

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Navajo key chain  knife with inlay handle.

This is a similar knife in turquoise that shows the blades and the hallmarks.

Navajo key chain  knife with inlay handle.


Open Length
6 3/4" (master blade open)
Closed Length
3 1/2"
3 Blades
2 7/8" (hollow ground master blade)
2 3/16"
High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades;
Nickel Silver Bolsters;
Brass liners;
Pakka wood between bolsters and inlay;
Block inlay
Stamped on blade:
Stamped or inscribed on bolster: "NAVAJO"
Knives are made by Bear and Sons Cutlery of Jacksonville, Alabama;
Inlay work by Navajo lapidarists at the East Mountain Inlay Cutlery Company in Gallup, New Mexico in the late 1990s.

Paula says - "These high quality knives, made in the USA, are great using knives. And we even have colors for us girls!"

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Pakka wood is made by impregnating hardwood veneers with special resins and compressing them under heat and pressure to form a solid block. Pakka wood is strong, stable, durable and moisture resistant, characteristics that make it better than most natural woods for knife handles.


Block inlay is comprised of epoxy, dye, and crushed stone. Block is often more consistent in color, pattern and hardness than natural stone and is more suitable for applications such as inlay knife handles that may be subject to abrasion and moisture. The name of the inlay reflects what the block looks like, not what the inlay is made of.

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