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William Whitman Navajo  Sterling Silver
Miniature Wedding Vase - 04

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Navajo Handmade Sterling Silver and Turquioise Miniature Wedding Vase


Navajo Sterling Silver
Miniature Wedding Vase 04

$48 SOLD

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A sterling silver Navajo wedding vase made in a traditional design.

All handmade with hand stamping.

Perfect as a wedding or anniversary gift or to bless a bedroom.

Note the dime in the photo to give you the sense of scale - very small !!

William K. Whitman, Navajo


What is a wedding vase?

Traditionally made of clay pottery, the wedding vase is a Navajo tradition.

A week or two before a wedding, the future husband's parents make a wedding vase and the future husband and his parents (and all of his relatives) go to the house of the bride. Blessed water is poured into the wedding vase. The bride drinks from one opening of the vase, turns it around clockwise , and gives it to the groom who then drinks from the opposite side of the vase. They wash each others hands with the remaining water. This ceremony unites them in eternal love and a happy, successful, stable marriage.

The wedding vase is to be treasured throughout married life, carefully protected.

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