Authentic Native American Zuni Indian Snake Money Clip

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Zuni Sterling Silver
Turquoise Snake Money Clip by Effie

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2" x 3/4"

Hallmark "EFFIE C ZUNI"



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Zuni Snake Money Clip by Effie

$54.00 SOLD

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A great way to keep your bills organized while carrying around some Native American spirit with you.

This one features a snake coiling around two Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones with matrix. The snake has turquoise inset eyes.

The snake and settings are sterling silver, but for strength, the actual money clip is spring steel.

Zuni artist,Effie Calavaza is from Zuni, New Mexico. She is famous for her snake designs. Although she learned silversmithing from her husband Juan Calavaza, she has been making her own designs since 1956. Her pieces are collected throughout the world.

The symbol of the snake in some Native American tribes is considered to represent the same properties as lightning or the lightning arrow. They often have a similar visual form. The snake does not symbolize anything negative or treacherous. Rather, the snake represents abundant rainfall and fertility. Other tribes use the snake as a healing image or for swiftness in battle.

We here in Colorado live with snakes - they are part of the landscape and ecosystem. Since our climate is semi-arid, we welcome the abundant rainfall the snake might bring.

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