Authentic Native American Lakota Bead Necklace

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HK Item #NLS11
"Night Raven"
Lakota Crow Raven Spirit Necklace

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lakota buffalo tooth necklace

Paula says - "Some of Bella's necklaces come with gift boxes she makes and signs on the bottom. We are keeping these items low-priced so they sell fast and we can buy more from this budding artist!"

26" total length, permanently fastened to slip over the head.
Glass beads, ceramic Crow Raven
Bella Chase Alone, Lakota

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$30 plus s/h

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lakota buffalo tooth necklace

Comes with gift box shown.



RAVEN/CROW - Raven and Crow are very similar in their strengths: both carry great responsibility to Spirit and are the messengers of magic and healing from the universe where all knowledge waits for us. They also symbolize changes in consciousness, of levels of awareness and perception. Shamans, Spiritualists & Healers with Raven/Crow Medicine are able to use their gifts with deeper clarity, understanding & insight, developing greater power & skill in their abilities.

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