Native American Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace

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Corrine Ramirez - Navajo Hand Carved
11-Horse Fetish Turquoise Necklace

HK Item #NF523

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Authentic Navajo Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace


27" end to end
11 hand carved horses 1 3/8" long
Turquoise, white marble, Picasso marble, serpentine, pipestone, jet, penn shell heishi, and more
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Corrine Ramirez, Navajo

Authentic Navajo Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace

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Horse Fetish Necklace
NF523 - $100 SOLD

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Paula says - "These colorful horses would brighten anyone's day! Wonderful to wear alone or to layer with another fetish or silver necklace."

Authentic Navajo Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace

Penn Shell and turquoise Heishi
beads in between the horses.

Authentic Navajo Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace

Sterling Silver cone ends and fastener.

What is a Fetish? A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Read more about fetishes.

HORSE - The Horse Spirit inspires our dreams, awakens passion, carries us far and fast, and brings us close to our instinctual and authentic nature. Horse enables us to move beyond our limitations and run freely. Spirit or Medicine Horses were and are extremely helpful in guidance, healing, protection and ceremony. Horse represents wisdom, physical power and unearthly power. Horse enables healers to travel in Spirit energy, using Horse to help guide them to the answer. Horses are symbols that can express our magical side. Horses are also known as symbols of freedom and independence.

Turquoise comes in all shades of blue, to blue-green, with a possible shading towards brown-veined greens. Matrix (veining) may or may not be present in any color(s). It is the natural variations in turquoise that make it appealing. The color of turquoise in American Indian jewelry ranges from brownish green to bright blue.
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