Authentic Native American Navajo Indian Bear Fetish Necklace

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Corrine Ramirez - Navajo
Walking Bear Fetish Necklace
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Navajo Bear Fetish Necklace by Corrine Ramirez

27" end to end
11 handcarved bears 1" long x 1/2" tall
Turquoise, Pipestone, Acoma Jet, White Marble, Serpentine, Agate, Penn shell heishi
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Corrine Ramirez, Navajo

Navajo Bear Fetish Necklace by Corrine Ramirez 

Corrine Ramirez- Navajo
Mixed Stone Walking Bear Necklace

NF568 - $94


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Navajo Bear Fetish Necklace by Corrine Ramirez

Navajo Heishi Animal Fetish Necklace

Sterling silver cone ends and clasp.

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What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Although carved from many types of rock, fishrock is traditional.

Many fetishes have a medicine bundle or adornment tied on the back of the horse that often consists of coral seed beads, shell heishi, feathers and other stone pieces. The style and detail of carving varies among artists but usually includes detail on the face, ears, tail and mane. Often the eyes and other spots of adornment on the horse are inset pieces of contrasting stones such as turquoise, coral and others.

Bear is considered the most powerful of all of the animals and is one of the most popular subjects of fetish carvers. Bear is a spiritual guide and represents strength and self-knowledge. He has supernatural powers, great healing powers. Bear is a symbol deliberate action, introspection, soul and insight for the past and the future. The Bear is the guardian of the West an is one of the animals of the Six Directions.

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