San Felipe Heishi Necklace with Jacla

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Frank Ortiz - Authentic San Felipe
10-Strand Heishi Necklace with Jacla
HK Item #NH892

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San Felipe Heishi  Necklace

Paula says - "Lovely 10 strand necklace that is so fine and well strung, it is like liquid stone."

25" to 28" long end to end
2 1/2" long jacla
Acoma Jet, Turquoise, White Clam Shell and Coral
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Frank Ortiz, San Felipe

San Felipe Heishi  Necklace

Made of Acoma Jet, Turquoise, White Mussel Shell and Coral.

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Frank Ortiz - Authentic San Felipe
10-Strand Heishi Necklace
$447 plus s/h SOLD

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San Felipe Heishi  Necklace

Twenty heishi strands meet at a center bead, which is a four layer handmade disc of Acoma Jet, Turquoise, and White Clam Shell.

Below the center disc bead are ten loops forming the jacla that hangs 2 1/2" long at the center.

San Felipe Heishi  Necklace

San Felipe Heishi  Necklace

The necklace can be worn 25 to 28 inches long because it has an adjustable chain ending.

San Felipe Heishi  Necklace

What is a jacla?

Traditionally a heishi necklace would have a secondary pendant (called a jacla, jacloh, or jacklaw) of turquoise tied on. Originally these may have been heishi earrings that were stored with the necklace and tied onto it. Then loops of heishi specific for this purpose were tied onto the lower center of the heishi necklace. A variation of this is a heishi necklace with vertical slab or chunk stones at the center or a layered disc with bead loops hanging from the disc.

What is heishi?

San Felipe Pueblo artists are famous for their skill in making hand rolled and cut beads known as heishi. Made from shell, turquoise, and other stones, they are painstakingly cut by hand into delicate beads and strung on necklaces.

Read more about heishi here: All About Heishi.

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