Authentic Santo Domingo Pueblo Heishi Treasure Necklace

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Laura Garcia Authentic Santo Domingo Pueblo
Chiclet 2-Strand Treasure Necklace
HK Item #HN513

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Santo Domingo Treasure Necklace

Brilliant, joyous necklace !

Each treasure necklace is a work of art comprised of many beautiful stones and shells including:

  • Turquoise
  • Spiny Oyster
  • Malachite
  • Conch Shell
  • White Mussel Shell
  • Charoite
31 inches end to end
Olive shell, turquoise, coral, spiny oyster, malachite, charoite, conch shell, white clam shell
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Laura Garcia, Santo Domingo Pueblo

Santo Domingo Treasure Necklace  Santo Domingo Treasure Necklace  

Thick olive Shell heishi in between stones and shells and at the ends to finish off the neck make for very comfortable wearing.

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Laura Garcia
Authentic Santo Domingo
2-Strand Chiclet Treasure Necklace

HN513 $75 SOLD

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Santo Domingo Treasure Necklace

Beautifully strung, hangs very well.

Santo Domingo Treasure Necklace

Santo Domingo Treasure Necklace

Sterling silver cone ends.

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