Authentic Native American Navajo Tommy Singer Gemstone Necklace
-  Made in USA  -

Each piece of Native American Indian Jewelry is hand made and unique. - Authenticity
We only have one of each item pictured - it will sell to the first person who sends payment.

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Authentic Navajo Sterling Silver
Tommy Singer Gemstone Necklace

Navajo Nugget  Necklace

  Navajo Nugget  Necklace          Navajo Nugget  Necklace

Navajo Nugget  Necklace

Navajo Nugget  Necklace        Navajo Nugget  Necklace


Tommy Singer Gemstone Necklace

$416 SOLD

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Length (end to end)
3/8" to 1/2" approximate width of beads
Handmade beads of turquoise, onyx, coral, spiny oyster, agate, red jasper, tiger eye sterling silver, 12K gold and more.
Navajo Tommy Singer

A work of art by the renowned Navajo artist Tommy Singer. Each of his necklaces is a unique creation.

All the beads are hand made including the silver tube beads and the 12K gold overlay beads. The overlay beads have the water symbol on them. Very striking.

Every authentic Tommy Singer necklace has a sterling silver signed tag that says "T. Singer".

Navajo Nugget  Necklace


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Who is Tommy Singer?

Known world wide for his silver work, chip inlay and necklaces, Tommy Singer pieces are highly collectible and sought after. The Tommy Singer family has been involved in silversmithing, stone and beadwork for a very long time, handing the art down from one generation to another. Tommy Singer grew up on in the community of Dilcon on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and has been attributed as the first Native American artist to use chip inlay. This is where a silver piece is decorated with turquoise or coral chips. (See this bracelet for an example of chip inlay.)

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