Native American Turquoise Yei Letter Opener

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Vintage Native American Sterling Silver
Stamped Yei Letter Opener
HK Item #M508 

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Navajo Inlay Money Clip

5" long
1 3/8" wide at hands


We leave the natural patina on our pawn jewelry because many of our customers like the old "vintage" appearance.

If you'd like to clean up your silver jewelry, new or old, check out our handy
silver cleaning and polishing cloth.

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Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver
Turquoise Yei Letter Opener - #M508

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Navajo Inlay Money Clip


Navajo Yei Figure

Yei is a shortened version of YeiBeiChei, a holy figure in the Navajo culture.

The yei figure symbolizes healing powers.

Appearing as Petroglyphs (Rock Art) in North America, Yei figures are often use in healing sand paintings and woven into rugs. The figures can be found depicted standing upright, curved, angled and in a three-sided square.

There are male and female yei figures. Female yei have square heads and male yei are depicted with round heads.

Yei figures fashioned into jewelry are less common so are treasures not to be passed up.

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