Native American Zuni Vintage Spiny Oyster Belt Buckle

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Leslie & Gladys Lamy - Zuni Sterling Silver
Vintage Spiny Oyster Belt Buckle
HK Item #M524 

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Authentic Navajo Pawn Jewelry

Zuni turquoise belt buckle

1 3/4" x 1 1/2"
Fits a 1" belt
Turquoise, coral
Read about stones
17 grams
L&G Lamy Zuni
Tests as sterling silver.
Leslie and Gladys Lamy, Zuni - as pictured on page 48 of Zuni Jewelry by Theda and Michael Bassman Schiffer Publishing 2006

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Leslie & Gladys Lamy - Zuni Pawn
Sterling Silver and Spiny Oyster
Cobblestone Inlay Belt Buckle

$72 SOLD

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Paula says -

"Striking cobblestone inlay design with gorgeous spiny oyster. This buckle is in excellent vintage condition."

Zuni turquoise belt buckle

Will fit a 1" wide belt.

Corn Row or Cobblestone?

These techniques of setting stone against stone in a thick mosaic are related yet different. They are most often seen in Navajo stone work. Both methods require that each stone be rounded or beveled along its top edges before being placed in the desired pattern.

Here is where the differences appear. Corn row refers to similar size pieces of stone set parallel, side by side in a neat row - the edges of each stone are usually rounded. Cobblestone refers to pieces that are fitted perpendicular or angled to each other like you'd see in a stone courtyard. Often cobblestone pieces vary in size and have beveled rather than rounded edges.

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