Authentic Heishi Jacla Necklace

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Vintage Heishi Jacla Necklace
HK Item #N200

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Horsekeeping LLC Native American Pawn

Santo Domingo Turquoise Nugget Jacla  Necklace

21" inner necklace
30" outer necklace with additional 3 1/2" jacla pendant
Turquoise, coral, olive shell heishi,
Read about stones
Sterling silver, Read about stones
Vintage, Pre-owned, some stones chipped; no missing stones or heishi

Santo Domingo Jacla  Necklace

The cord of the inner strand was retied at one time.

Santo Domingo Jacla  Necklace

The ends are joined in a "squaw wrap" so the necklace slips on and off over the head.

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Authentic Vintage Heishi Jacla Necklace

N200 - $595 SOLD

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Paula says - "This turquoise nugget jacla necklace is very old but we are not sure of its origin or exact age. From our research it appears to be turn of the century (circa 1900) and resembles Santo Domingo work. The green turquoise in the jaclas is some of the nicest we've seen. It is a beautiful and historical vintage necklace.

"Are you wondering why this item is not described as Native American? You can find the answer by clicking here."

Santo Domingo Jacla  Necklace

Santo Domingo Jacla  Necklace

We've identified 2 nuggets that have pieces broken off, but the sections that remain are solid and secure. There are no missing stones or heishi.

Santo Domingo Jacla  Necklace

Heishi and nuggets are bright and clean.

Horsekeeping LLC - Definitions of Jewelry Age and Condition
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A dark or colored film of oxidation that forms naturally on metal by exposure to air and other elements. It is often valued for its aesthetically pleasing appearance. All items in our Vintage Shop have some patina, even NOS.
30 years or older.
New Old Stock. Made at least 20 years ago but never used.
An item that has been used.

What is heishi?

Heishi means shell and in the past, referred to pieces of shell that have been drilled and hand rolled or ground into bead shapes and strung as necklaces. With the reduced availability of some shell materials, modern Native American artists also use handmade beads of other materials including turquoise and lapis lazuli and other stones when making heishi necklaces. Read more about heishi here: All About Heishi.

What is a jacla?

Traditionally, a heishi necklace would have a secondary pendant called a jacla tied on. Originally, the jacla was a pair of heishi earrings that were tied onto the necklace. Later, loops of heishi specific for this purpose were tied onto the lower center of the heishi necklace. A variation of this is a heishi necklace with vertical slab or chunk stones at the center or a layered disc with bead loops hanging from the disc. Read more about jaclas.

TURQUOISE is associated with the sky, and bringing sky energy to earth. It is known as a master healer stone as it is believed to help speed the healing process. It is also thought that turquoise can help promote honest and clear communication from the heart.
Turquoise comes in all shades of blue, to blue-green and it is the natural variations in turquoise that make it appealing. The color of turquoise in American Indian jewelry ranges from brownish green to bright blue. Found in veins sandwiched in between layers of mother rock, turquoise can show some of the influence of the mother rock in its matrix or veining. The matrix colors range from blue to golden brown to black and sometimes with golden flecks. Many people prefer turquoise with matrix over clear stones. Read more about turquoise.

NOTE: Items in our Vintage Shop are either USED or NEW. They might come from inheritances, estate sales, private collections, and store liquidations. Many items are brand new (NOS, New Old Stock) and in perfect condition while others may show tarnish, scratches and other signs of use. Major issues will be described in detail and shown in photos. Vintage Shop items are sold as described and are not returnable.
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Why isn't this item called Native American?

The US Department of the Interior Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 and its recent Amendments require that items described as Native American or Indian be made by an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. Furthermore, government regulations suggest that all attributions include the Native American Indian's name, tribe and federal tribal enrollment number. Because it is impossible to identify the artist for many vintage items, even if they are authentic Indian made items, we cannot and will not use the words Native American or Indian in association with such pieces.

Read about authenticity of Native American Indian jewelry.

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