Authentic Native American Bone Horse Stick Pendant Necklace

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Santo Domingo Puebo artists James and Doris CorizSanto Domingo Puebo artists James and Doris CorizLonny and Michelle Cloud - Hand Crafted Bone
Horse Stick Pendant with Chain
HK Item #NP150-K

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Hand carved bone Horse Stick pendant

3" long pendant
1 1/4" long feathers
18" sterling silver chain
Bone, Sterling Silver
Signed by artist
Lonny and Michelle Cloud

What is a Horse Stick?

The horse stick is a Lakota Sioux tradition used to honor a specific horse. Carved from bone and painted, the horses were then adorned with feathers, horse hair, animal claws and other items.

Lonny and Michelle Cloud
Native American
Horse Stick Pendant with Chain

NP150-K - $105 SOLD

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Paula says - "This pendant is a treasure to pass along for generations. Each of the hand carved, hand painted feathers is a work of art unto itself. Wear it to honor your great horse."

Hand carved bone Horse Stick pendant

Comes with 18" sterling silver chain.

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Santo Domingo Puebo artists James and Doris CorizSanto Domingo Puebo artists James and Doris CorizAbout Bone Feather Jewelry

Used by the Plains Indians people for generations, bone and feathers have played an important part of everyday life, ceremonies and adornment.

Lonny and Michelle Cloud were the first modern artists to combine elements of bones and feathers into bone feather jewelry. They have been designing and making their bone feather art for 20 years. Although there have been imitations of their designs the Clouds' work is distinctive and of the finest quality available.

What's more, Lonny has an affinity for horses and, lucky for us, horses are featured in much of his work.

We are offering a variety of Lonny and Michelle Cloud's work for your enjoyment.

Lonny is a registered Lumbee Nation of North Carolina and America. Michelle is a registered Pine Ridge Sioux (Oglala tribe). Their company is called Thunder Puppy Art.

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