Authentic Native American Zuni Indian Sun God Pendant

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Vera Halusewa - Zuni Sterling Silver and Coral
Petit Point Sun God Pendant
HK Item #NP214

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Hand made Native American  Zuni Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver Sunface Gods Eye pin pendant

1 1/2" high including bail
1/2" wide
Coral, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, and Jet
signed in script
Vera Halusewa  Zuni
Vera Halusewa , Zuni

Paula says -

"A Sun Buddy ! A radiating God's Eye. A precious spirit to guide you through the day."

Vera Halusewa, Zuni
Petit Point Coral Sun God
Pendant with 18" sterling silver chain
Pendant (with 18" chain)

$50 SOLD

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What is Petit Point?

There are two similar techniques of using very small pieces of stone to decorate a piece and they are often confused.

Petit Point is comprised of long , narrow teardrop-shaped stones.

Needle Point is comprised of straight, long, narrow stones that are pointed on both ends.

The God's Eye, often at the center of the Sunface, is traditionally made of turquoise, jet, Mother of Pearl, and coral. It represents the all-seeing.

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