Bernard Laiwakete - Zuni Sterling Silver
Ammolite Bear Pendant
HK Item #NP482

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Authentic Zuni Sterling Silver and Fossil Ammolite Bear Fetish Pendant by Bernard Laiwakete

Ammolite with turquoise inlaid eyes.

Ammolite , turquoise, Read about stones
Sterling silver, Read about silver
2" tall including swinging bail
Fossil is 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/8" tall
1/2" thick at the thickest point
1/4" bail opening
Bernard Laiwakete, Zuni

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Bernard Laiwakete - Zuni
Ammolite Bear Pendant

NP482 - $150 SOLD

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Paula says - "This bear pendant made from the fossil gemstone ammolite has eyes of inlaid turquoise. When the light is just right there appear brilliant irridescent orange lines radiating from the center around the entire fossil. You can see hints of these lines in the photos."

Authentic Native American Zuni Fossil bear Pendant

The stone bear is suspended by a sterling silver loop and swinging bail with a 1/4" opening.

Sterling silver collar shown is not included.

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What is Ammonite?

Ammonite is one of only a few biogenic gemstones (those produced by the life processes of plants or animals); others include amber and pearl. While the vast majority of fossilized ammonite found around the world are found in neutral colors ranging from cream to gray to black, those fossils found at the Korite mine in Alberta, Canada have a fossilized outer shell that’s irridescent or opalized. Korite markets these gems under the trade name ammolite. Commercial mining of ammolite beganIn 1981 and that same year it was given official gemstone status by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO).

Feng shui practitioners feel that ammolite promotes the flow of “chi” throughout the body, enhances well-being, and reduces toxins. It is known as the “seven-color prosperity stone" because it can exhibit up to seven colors, each said to bring a certain benefit, such as wealth, wisdom, health, growth, or energy.

Indian Bear Symbolism

Bear is considered the most powerful of all of the animals and is one of the most popular subjects of fetish carvers. Bear is a spiritual guide and represents strength and self-knowledge. He also has supernatural powers, great healing powers. Bear is a symbol deliberate action, introspection, soul and insight for the past and the future. The Bear is the guardian of the West an is one of the animals of the Six Directions.

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