Tom Hawk, Navajo
Sterling Silver Railroad Pendant
HK Item #NP717

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Authentic Native American Sterling Silver Pendant by Navajo artist Tom Hawk

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Tom Hawk, Navajo
Sterling Silver Railroad Pendant

$75 plus s/h

Paula says - "This design, using parallel or converging lines, is very characteristic of Tom Hawk's jewelry. It is often called "railroad' style because it resembles railroad tracks."

sterling silver, Read about silver
2 1/8" long including bail
Tom Hawk, Navajo

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100% solid silver won't tarnish but it is too soft to use for making jewelry - it could easily be scratched, dented and bent. Sterling silver has a small amount of one or more other metals usually copper, added to the silver. To be called sterling silver, the alloy must contain at least 92.5% pure silver. Sterling silver alloy is harder than pure silver but the added metals also can cause discoloration or tarnish.

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