Navajo Bear Claw Pendant
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Hanging Bear Claw Pendant

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Bears are the main figure in the Mountain Way, an important Navajo ceremony.

Bear claws are a traditional adornment to pendants and bracelets.

This pendant contains one natural bear claw which is hanging from a setting which includes one turquoise stone with matrix, one coral stone, leaves and raindrops. Swinging bail.

This is the style of pendant worn by warriors, with the bare claw hanging down.

  1 Turquoise with Matrix,
  1 Coral
(including bail) 
  2 3/4"
(at widest point)  
  No chain
(stamped on back) 
  "Sterling; NAVAJO

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Native American Sterling Silver Turquoise Bear Claw Pendant

Hanging Bear Claw Pendant

$76.00 SOLD


(Note: Almost all natural bear claws have a slight imperfection - many of them have a rub mark, a scratch, a crack or even a piece missing. Like the lines in people's fingernails, these imperfections are just part of the claw. In fact, that is one way you can tell that the bear claw is authentic and not man-made.)

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