Sterling Silver Isleta Cross

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Francis Begay - Navajo Sandcast Sterling Silver
Isleta Crosses
HK Item #NPC637

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NPC637A - $75 SOLD

Native American Sterling Silver Turquoise  Isleta Cross  pendant

2 5/8" tall including bail.

Paula says - "All have a 3/16" fixed bail and a clear turquoise stone set in a serrated bezel.

"The Pueblo Indians adopted the double-bar cross design from the Spanish. Read more below."

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Francis Begay, Navajo

Sterling silver cable shown is not included.

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About the Isleta Cross

Also called the Pueblo Cross, the Isleta Cross is a very old Pueblo design associated with the Isleta Pueblo. The double-bar cross design is said to have originated with the Moors and Spaniards. To the Pueblo Indians the double-bar cross represented the dragonfly and they adopted it as their own religious symbol.

The Isleta Pueblo is located in central New Mexico, on the east bank of the Rio Grande south of Albuquerque. It is on the same site as when it was discovered in 1540. It was the seat of the Franciscan mission of San Antonio de Isleta from approximately 1621 until the Pueblo revolt of 1680. The Spaniards captured the pueblo in 1681. In the late 1700's, when Isleta was repopulated with native peoples, it became the mission of San Agustín de Isleta. Tiwa, a Tanoan language, is the tongue of the Isleta Pueblo.

Dragonfly inspires spiritually and creatively and helps us on the path of discovery and enlightenment. It spiritually embodies the stripping away all negativity that holds us back, helping us to achieve our dreams and goals. Dragonfly is the keeper of dreams, the energy within that sees all of our true potential and ability. Dragonfly reminds us that anything is possible.

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