Sterling Silver
Chip Inlay Wolf/Coyote Pin Pendant
HK Item #NPP498

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Sterling Silver
Chip Inlay Wolf/Coyote Pin Pendant

$66 plus s/h  
1 7/8" x 1"
sterling silver, Read about silver
turquoise, Read about stones

Wolf/Coyote turquoise chip inlay pin pendant

This wolf/coyote can be worn as a pin or as a pendant. On the back are a locking pin and a shepherd's hook. The hook can be opened to slip between beads on a necklace.

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Native American Wolf Symbolism

Wolf lf teaches great dignity, courage, powerful Spirit communications, instinct and intelligence. Deep family connection and importance, stealth, wisdom, and extreme endurance. The wolf is a powerful ally on our Spiritual Journeys.


Coyote is the master trickster and the spiritual brother of Raven. Although sometimes arrogant and self-important, coyote can be a great teacher by showing us how our impulsive nature or our self-centeredness fail to serve us well. Coyote brings wisdom through humor.

What is Chip Inlay?

Chip inlay is a method where cavities in jewelry are filled with a mixture of crushed stone, typically turquoise and coral, and epoxy resin. The piece is then polished smooth after the resin has hardened. Navajo Tommy Singer is credited for first using chip inlay in Native American jewelry.

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