Authentic Native American Zuni Indian Sunface Pendant

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Zuni Sterling Silver, Turquoise & MOP
Sunface Pin Pendant

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Hand made Native American Zuni  Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver Inlay Sunface pin pendant

Mother of Pearl (MOP), jet, coral, and turquoise channel inlay

Zuni Sunface - C
Turquoise & MOP Pin Pendant

$55 SOLD

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This unique Sunface Pin Pendant is crafted from Mother of Pearl (MOP), jet, coral, and turquoise channel inlay.

The amount of work in this pieces is amazing and the quality of the work is exceptional.

There is a locking pin and also a loop for a chain so it can be used as a pendant or a pin.

Chain not included.


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The Sun is a very important part of Native American life. In Zuni, the Sunface is a powerful symbol of peace and positive of energy. He brings new life and new beginnings.

The God's Eye, often at the center of the Sunface, is traditionally made of turquoise, jet, Mother of Pearl, and coral. It represents the all-seeing.

Pin Pendant means that there is a pin fastener on the back of the horse AND a loop that can be used with a chain so the horse can be used as a pendant.

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