Authentic Native American Navajo Indian Horse Head Pin
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Each piece of Native American Indian Jewelry is hand made and unique. - Authenticity
We only have one of each item pictured - it will sell to the first person who sends payment.

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The Cherry Hill Collection


Cecil Yazzie - Navajo Sterling Silver

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Hand made Native American Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver horse pin
1 1/4"
1 1/4"
(stamped on back)  
"Sterling CA ©"


"This is the last Seeker pin that we have
and we won't be getting any more."


Cherry's Collection:
Seeker Pin



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Navajo artist Cecil Yazzie made me some special horse pins which I have named after my horses. There are three in the collection now with more on the way.

This one says to me....strength, color, and power so I just had to name it after Seeker.

21 intricately inlaid stones that highlight a horse's conformation. Includes lapis, turquoise, gaspeite, and charoite, my four favorite stones.

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