Billy Begay Navajo Sterling Silver Eagle Ring

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Billy Begay - Navajo Sterling Silver
Inlay Eagle Ring
HK Item #NR335

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Navajo Sterling Silver ring
Navajo Sterling Silver ring
Billy Begay - Navajo Sterling Silver
Inlay Eagle Ring
NR335 - $135
plus s/h

Size 12 3/4  

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Paula says -

"This ring is an incredibly detailed mural. The eagle's body is made from beautifully etched jet. The head and spread tail are from Mother of Pearl. What a magnificent ring! See the matching watch by the same artist for a fabulous gift set for that special person."

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Inlay eagle with turquoise border.
10, 11, 12 3/4
1" tall at the face
17 grams
Sterling Silver Read about silver
Jet, mother of pearl, turquoise
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Billy Begay, Navajo

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A Ring with History

Dear Miss Paula,

About 17 yrs. ago I purchased a sterling Navajo ring at a very reputable dealer Navajo Sterling Silver ringof tribal jewelry. It was so one of a kind, I had to buy it. At the time of purchase, the dealer told me about the artist, which, over the years I've forgotten. But, like all good jewelry, it had a makers mark...BB and Sterling. So today I did a search, and there it was on your site, the Billy Begay eagle w/mother of pearl inlays, and the Turquoise band. Other then a used one on Ebay, you seem to be the only dealer in tribal jewelry that sells it. And as you have only 2 rings, I assume the ring must be very limited in number. I've worn the eagle ring everyday for 15 yrs, and other then being a little scratched and dinged, the ring is still perfectly intact. To me, the sign of really high quality. I've attached a photo of my ring. Remember, I've worn it everyday, and still do. So there are dings and scratches, but, other then that, all is still intact. Very high quality workmanship and artwork. Thanks for corresponding with me and I hope you get more Billy Begay rings - the one with the black inlay looks nice. DD

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