Authentic Native American Navajo Indian Turquoise Ring

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Lena Silago - Navajo Sterling Silver
Turquoise Cobblestone Inlay Rings
HK Item #NR350

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Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring


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Sterling (ring C has no hallmark)
Lena Silago, Navajo

Paula says - "Green turquoise with black matrix, blue turquoise, red coral and sterling silver laid cobbletone fashion for a very striking ring."

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What is cobblestone inlay?

This style of inlay is called cobblestone inlay. You can easily see why this is sometimes referred to as cobblestone if you've ever seen a cobblestone street in an old historic section of a US city or abroad. Besides cutting the stones so that they fit into an intricate pattern, the artist must also bevel each stone on every edge. This requires great skill and time and investment in materials.

A similar inlay pattern called cornrow has the stone pieces all laid parallel, like corn kernels on a cob.

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