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  HK Item #ROS212   
Sterling Silver & Onyx Rosary
Bessie Haley - Navajo

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Navajo sterling silver and  onyx Rosary

12 1/4" when laid out and measuring from bottom of cross to top of loop
1 3/4" x 1 1/4"
Chaplet Circumference
Terminal Length
4 3/4"
Onyx, Read about stones
Sterling silver, Read about silver

Navajo onyx Rosary

Medal is stamped "STERLING".

Questions or more details.

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Bessie Haley - Navajo
Sterling Silver and Onyx Rosary
$225 plus s/h

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Paula says - "This onyx rosary has a sterling silver crucifix, medal and beads interspersed with turquoise stone nuggets for the five decades of the chaplet. The large sterling silver beads with seams are bench-made beads and are 8mm diameter. Precision cut Onyx beads are approximately 4mm diameter."

Navajo onyx Rosary

Dime in above photo shows scale of beads.

Navajo onyx Rosary

Crucifix is stamped
which stands for Our Lady's Rosary Makers and indicates sterling silver.

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What is a rosary?

A rosary is a string of knots or beads, designed as an aid to the memory, and, when used in religious exercises, providing a convenient method for counting the recitation of prayers or the repetition of the names and attributes of the Deity."

- From the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, ed. James Hastings, Volume X: Picts - Sacraments.

The Parts of a Rosary

The Chaplet is divided into five Decades with four Dividing Beads and a fifth one called the Medal, which may be of the same sort as the Divider Beads or a charm. The two ends of the Chaplet attach to the Medal as well as the Terminal.

Terminal: the short piece that connects the Chaplet to the Crucifix.

The Medal or the Center: Previously described.

The Divider Beads: There are four larger or differently sized beads to separate the Decades.

The Five Decades: There are five sets of ten beads that comprise the Chaplet or loop of the rosary.

Pendant: Usually a Crucifix, which is a cross with a figure of Jesus upon it.

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