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  HK Item #ROS228   
Turquoise Rosary
Missy Ramirez - Navajo Sterling Silver

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Navajo Turquoise Rosary

13" when laid out and measuring from bottom of cross to top of loop
1" x 5/8"
Chaplet Circumference
Terminal Length
3 3/4"
Turquoise, Read about stones
Sterling silver, Read about silver

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Missy Ramirez - Navajo
Sterling Silver and Turquoise Rosary

ROS228 - $215 SOLD

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Paula says - "Sterling silver crucifix, medal and beads interspersed with Turquoise stone nuggets for the five decades of the chaplet."

Navajo Turquoise Rosary

Navajo Turquoise Rosary

What is a rosary?

A rosary is a string of knots or beads, designed as an aid to the memory, and, when used in religious exercises, providing a convenient method for counting the recitation of prayers or the repetition of the names and attributes of the Deity."

- From the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, ed. James Hastings, Volume X: Picts - Sacraments.

The Parts of a Rosary

The Chaplet is divided into five Decades with four Dividing Beads and a fifth one called the Medal, which may be of the same sort as the Divider Beads or a charm. The two ends of the Chaplet attach to the Medal as well as the Terminal.

Terminal: the short piece that connects the Chaplet to the Crucifix.

The Medal or the Center: Previously described.

The Divider Beads: There are four larger or differently sized beads to separate the Decades.

The Five Decades: There are five sets of ten beads that comprise the Chaplet or loop of the rosary.

Pendant: Usually a Crucifix, which is a cross with a figure of Jesus upon it.

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