Apache-Style Offering Bag Reproduction
"Horse Spirit"
HK Item #LMC171

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Native American Indian Buckskin Medicine Bag

Oil tanned steerhide with split deerskin fringe
7" from top of bag to end of fringe
10" total width including fringe
Functional size of bag 1 3/4" wide x 3" tall
24" total length
Earth and acrylic pigments;
Flap and tie closure;
Brass beads and aquamarine glass trade beads

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Apache-Style Offering Bag
"Horse Spirit" - #LMC171

$45 SOLD

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Paula says - "This bag is a reproduction of an Apache-style bag. Great style and the work shows great attention to detail."

Native American Indian Buckskin Medicine Bag

 Leather has variations that some may call imperfections but we think of as character.

Each bag is unique and the photos and our comments will help you choose the perfect bag for you.

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Indian Horse Symbolism

The Horse Spirit inspires our dreams, awakens passion, carries us far and fast, and brings us close to our instinctual and authentic nature. Horse enables us to move beyond our limitations and run freely. Spirit or Medicine Horses were and are extremely helpful in guidance, healing, protection and ceremony. Horse represents wisdom, physical power and unearthly power. Horse enables healers to travel in Spirit energy, using Horse to help guide them to the answer. Horse symbols can express our magical side. Horse is also known as a symbol of freedom and independence.

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