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HK Item #MBE-06
Tall "Elk Simple" Drawstring Bags

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elkskin Medicine Bag

Saddle,  Honey,  Smoke Tan

elkskin Medicine Bag

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Tall "Elk Simple" Drawstring Bags
MBE06 - $28 each

Paula says - "These are excellent bags made from elk skin, which is like a thick deer skin. These bags are machine stitched, made in the USA from USA elk."

Saddle - $28 plus s/h    
Honey - $28 plus s/h    
Smoke Tan - $28 plus s/h     SOLD


Elk, smooth side out
4" at the bottom
Draw strings end to end, doubled 20"

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elkskin Medicine Bag

 Leather has variations that some call imperfections - but we call it character.

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