Deerskin Medicine Bag

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Medium Fringed Medicine Bag
HK Item #MBF301

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Native American Indian Buckskin Medicine Bag

Hand made, machine stitched from beautiful, soft natural golden buckskin with a wonderful leather smell.

The strap is 30" of 3/16" lace that has been laced through the top and knotted at ends.

Leather by nature has slight variations in finish and thickness. Measurements may vary slightly.

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Medium Fringed
Buckskin Medicine Bag

MBF301 - $20 SOLD

Paula says -

"If there is a standard size medicine bag, this is it. Small enough to wear under your shirt and large enough to carry a number of items. Wonderful deerskin and long fringe make this a great bag.

"Each bag is unique and the photos and our comments will help you choose the perfect bag for you."

Soft, thick deerskin;
color will vary slightly

3 1/2" tall x 2 5/8" wide at bottom and 2" wide at top -
3 1/2" fringe

3/16" x 30"

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