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Do We Buy Jewelry?

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Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Books

Hand made Native American Indian Zuni Horse Fetish Native American Jewelry
Artifact Tips, Articles, Q&A

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Authentication Resources
What is a Hallmark?
Bell Trading Company
Mary Bill, Navajo
Bird Fetish Necklace Real?
Belt Buckle Inheritance
Bennett Pat, on bolo slide
Book Review: Native American and Southwestern Silver Hallmarks by Bille Hougart
Books on Hallmarks & Artists
Books, More Hallmarks & Artists
B Tewa on bracelet = Bobby Tewa
C.Dishta = Charlotte Dishta
Marcus Coochwykvia, Hopi
Weseley Craig, Navajo
Woody Crumbo, Potawatomi
EH on Horse Pin = Ervin Hoskie
EM on Turquoise Buckle
ES on claw pendant
FJ, JR, ST, Watch Cuff Bearclaw Buckle
FY=Frank Yazzie
Hopi Third Mesa Necklace
Internet Hallmark Search Caution
Jack Weekoty, Zuni
Tom and Sylvia Kee, Navajo Storytellers
Ken B, Conchos

Leaf or Feather Hallmark, Unknown
Marilyn Chutate QuamMT on Buckle
Charles Loloma, Hopi
McBride Lomayestewa, Hopi
Navajo KK
Peyote Bird Squash Blossom Necklace
RA on Squash Blossom Necklace
Bennie Ration, Navajo
Relios,Inc. = crescent moon and R
RNL = Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello
Robt. Kelly = Robert Kelley
Roger Skeet Concho Belt
Sandcast Squash Blossom Necklace
Lawrence Saufkie, Hopi
SD = William Singer, Navajo
SH = Sharon Hutsito, Zuni
Signed by the Artist?
T = Tommy Singer - cuff
T = Tommy Singer - pin pendant
TCS = Tommy Singer - inlay pin
TSK = Tom and Sue Kee - storyteller bracelet
TSK = Tom and Sylvia Kee, NOT Sue
UITA= United Indian Traders Assoc.
V/L = Vera Luna, Zuni
Jack Weekoty, Zuni


American Indian Design and Decoration by Le Roy H. Appleton
Fred Harvey, the Man, the Era, the Jewelry
Native American and Southwestern Silver Hallmarks by Bille Hougart
Native American Hallmark Books
Our Reference Library|
Southwestern Indian Rings by Paua A. Baxter
Who’s Who in Zuni Jewelry by Gordon Levy
Zuni, The Art and the People Three Volume Set


Adjust Sandcast Bracelet?
Beaded Bracelets
Blackgoat Horse Cuff Wanted
Bow Guard - Ketoh
Bracelet Storage Drawer
Can I Squeeze Inlay Bracelet to fit?
Claw Bracelet, Unique
Copper "Horse Whisperer" Twists
Fitting a Cuff Bracelet
Fitting a Cuff Bracelet Part 2
Putting on a Cuff Bracelet
Guard Bracelets
Inlay Cuff Bracelet Resizing
Link Bracelets Explained
Navajo Pearl Bracelets
Repair Cast Bracelet

Santa Brought Nelvin Burbanks
Slave Bracelet Native American?
Split Shank, Pretty Girl, Wire
Summer Bracelets
Sweater Bracelets
What do Designs on the Inside Mean?
What does Bracelet Circumference Mean?
Will This Bracelet Fit Me?


Beaded Bracelets
Bezels Explained
Black and Gold on Cross?
Blanket Inlay
Buttons & Button Covers
Chip Inlay - Tommy Singer
Chip Inlay - William Singer
Clasps on Pins
Cobblestone & Cornrow
First Phase Southwestern Jewelry
Foxtail, Chain and More . . .
Fred Harvey Era Jewelry
How Antiqued Satin Beads are Made
Married Jewelry Pieces
Mike Schmaltz makes a dragonfly
Mountain and Mesa Designs
Navajo Silversmiths 1880-1881
Navajo Silversmiths Taught by Mexicans
Overlay Continued
Overlay, Saufkie
Petit Point or Needle Point?
Petit Point Style
Ranger Buckle Sets
Sand Cast
Sawdust-Set Stones
Screw-back Earrings
Silver Ingots
Snake Eye Design
Stamping of Sterling Silver
Storyteller Scenes in Jewelry
Storytellers Tom and Sylvia Kee
Three-Stone Bracelets


Animal Powers
Fetish, Amulet, Totem, Talisman?
Fetish Carvings
Finding Your Animal Spirit
Frog Fetish Meaning?
How Do I Display My Fetishes?
How Fetishes Are Made
Midnight Bear Story
Mountain Lion Tails
Other Carving Materials
Protection Against Evil
Six Directions
Spirit Dolls
Tagua Nut for Carving
Turquoise for Carving
Types of Fetishes
Use of Fetishes


Gold Heishi?
Is Heishi Scratchy?
Jacla - What is it?
Price Differences
Measuring Heishi to Fit
Turquoise in Heishi - is it Real?
What is Heishi?


Abalone and Mother of Pearl
Antlers, What's the Source?
Baby Rattles Safe for Infants?
Bear Claw Preservation
Boulder Turquoise
Buckle Backs Material
Catlinite and Pipestone
Cleaning and Storing Jewelry
Coin Silver
Copper Used in Jewelry
Coral History
Dinosaur Bone
Gemstone images
Howlite, White Buffalo or What?
Fake Sterling Silver on eBay
Feathers: Eagle, Hawk Legal?
Fossilized Coral
Foxtail, Chain and More . . .
Green Turquoise
Jeweler's Gold
Jewelry Silver: Not All Silver is Created Equal
Juniper Berry Ghost Beads
Lapis Lazuli
Mohave Stone
Navajo Dolls in Traditional Dress
Penn Shell
Petrified Wood
Pipestone - Catlinite
Pipestone - Quarry
Red Brass
Sodalite, Looks like Lapis

Serpentine used for Fetish Carving
Silver Dollar Jewelry
Silver Ingots
Silver Scrap Value
Silver Plating Wears Off
Silver Price 2016
Silver Price
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Spiny Oyster
Sterling Silver Care and Cleaning
Sterling Silver and Chlorine
Sterling Silver Plate vs Plated
Sterling Silver Stamp History
Sterling Opal
Stones and Shells
Tagua Nut
Tortoise Shell
Turquoise, Birdseye
Turquoise, Bisbee
Turquoise #8 Pendant, Leonard Jim
Turquoise - Blue or Green?
Turquoise Color Change
Turquoise: Copper make blue or green?
Turquoise in Heishi - is it Real?
Turquoise - King's Manassa
Turquoise Mines
Turquoise Mohave
Turquoise - Seafoam
Turquoise, Spiderweb
White Buffalo
White Turquoise


About Medicine Bags
Medicine Bag of Deceased

Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Books

Vol. 1: April 13, 2010
Heishi, Tagua Nut, Sterling Silver Care

Vol. 2: April 16, 2010
Mother's Day Gifts, Grandmother Pin, Grandmother Necklace, Mother-of-Pearl

Vol. 3: April 27, 2010
Medicine Bag Gemstones, Horse Scarves, Pin Pendants

Vol. 4: May 1, 2010
Do We Buy Dooneys?

Vol. 5: May 16, 2010
Cuff Bracelet Fit and Sizing

Vol. 6: May 25, 2010
New Blog: Native American Jewelry Tips


1960 - 1970s Jewelry Boom
Appraisal and Investment
Appraisals - continued
Authentication Resources
Bargain Barn is like a Garage Sale
Barrettes - Which Weight for You?
Beads, Why are Heavier Cheaper?
Bear Claw Necklace Supplies

Bolo Slide clasp, Bennett Pat
Belt Buckle Wanted
Bow Guard - Ketoh
Buttons & Button Covers
Catalog of Your Products?
Chlorine and Sterling Silver
Code of the West
Concho Belts, Overview
Concho Belts Part I
Concho Belts Part II: The Art and Science of Wearing a Concho Belt
Dating Indian Jewelry: Lauris Phillips Notes on Dating Native American Jewelry
Door Blessings
E-Bay Effect on Collectibles
Fake Native American Art Conspiracy
Fetish Display, Care, Feeding
Filipino-made import
Fitting a Belt to a Buckle
Fred Harvey Era Jewelry
Grandmother Pin
Hair Accessories
Hatbands, Native American and Others
Hot Weather Options
How to Determine Market Value
How Do I Open This Keyring?
Inlay Repair
Inlay Jewelry - Wear in Shower?
International Shipping Stories
Jewelry Scrap Value
Jewelry Storage and Display

Jewelry Storage, cont.
Jewelry Storage, cont. 2
Jewelry for Children and Babies
Lakota Catlinite Effigy Pipes
Lakota Code Talker Dies
Navajo Code Talkers - Thanks!
Navajo Code Talker Dies
Navajo Silversmiths Taught by Mexicans
Necklace Extenders
NOS = New Old Stock
Our Reference Library|
Pill Boxes
Pricing: Retail, Wholesale, Keystone
Ranger Buckle Sets
Removing Name from Back of Jewelry
Repurposing Clip Earrings
Restocking Fee - Why?
Safety Pin Key Rings
Selling Your Jewelry - Tips
Sending Photos to Paula
Shipping to France
Shopping Advice
Silver Price
Silver Prices Affect Bracelets
Southwest Art Defined
Stop Counterfeiters on ebay
Vintage- What is It?
Ways to Wear a Pin
What does Pueblo Mean?
What's It Worth?
Woodard's Indian Shop
Zuni, The Art and the People - book review


All About Sterling Silver Beads
    – Navajo Pearls

Are Necklaces Ever Signed?
Bale or Bail?
Beads, Why are Heavier Cheaper?
Bear Paw or Bear Claw?
Bolo Tie - What is it?
Charm Necklace by Paula
Chiclet Necklaces
Choosing a Necklace
Choosing Navajo Pearls
Collars, choosing
Crosses - Zuni and Navajo
Cross or Crucifix?
Eddy Chaco - King's Manassa
Faux Desert Pearls?
Fetish Necklaces
Foxtail, Chain and More . . .
Ghost Beads
Grandmother Necklace
Hand Stamped Cross Wanted
Hook and Eye clasp
How Antiqued Satin Beads are Made
Iule Zuni Cross Legacy
Layering Necklaces

Monument Valley by Goodluck
Mosaic Shell Pendant
Necklace Chain Primer
Fetish Necklace Signed by the Artist?
Fetish Necklaces Navajo and Zuni
Navajo Pearls
Necklace Extenders
Pendant Enhancer
Pendants from Clip Earrings
Squash Blossom Necklace Pricing
Squash Blossom Origin
Squash Blossom Restringing
Squaw Wrap
Stacked Fetish Necklaces
Tab Necklace
Turquoise in Heishi - is it Real?
Vintage Restoration
Wearing a Pendant


Does My Pipe Need Breaking In?
Four Winds Pipes
Plains Pipe Drops
Sacred Pipe: Choosing, Using, Storing
Sacred Pipestone Mine in Minnesota


Black on Sterling Silver
Broken Turquoise Bracelet Repair
Buckle, inlay missing
Chlorine and Sterling Silver
Cleaning Vintage Jewelry
Cuff Watch, missing fan
Inlay Bracelet Repair
Inlay Cuff Bracelet Resizing
Inlay Jewelry - Wear in Shower?
Inlay Repair: The Eagle has Landed
Repair Series Coming
Should Navajo Pearls be Polished?
Shortening and Cleaning Squash Blossom Necklace
Squash Blossom Restringing
To Polish or Not to Polish . . .


Choosing Proper Size
Cigar Band Rings
Inlay Repair
Navajo Buffalo Ring
Removing Tight Ring
Ring Too Large

Thunderheart Movie Rings


Hand Woven Navajo Rugs


Attached Spirit
Awanyu, Plumed Serpent
Corn Maiden
Devil Dancer Set
Fetish, Amulet, Totem, Talisman
Hopi Overlay - Thanksgiving
Isletta Cross

Lakota Horse Stick
Longhorn Kachina
Man in the Maze
Medicine Wheel
Hanging Ornaments
Designs on Inside of Bracelet
Peyote / Water Bird Colors
Sacred Bowl Blessing
Sacred Pipe
Shaman Drum
Squash Blossom
Stamped Ovals
Storyteller Scenes in Jewelry
Storyteller Belt by Bicenti
Thunderbird, Peyote Bird, Water Bird
Thunderbird Continued
Turtle and Tortoise
Whirling Logs (Swastika)
Yei Translated to Dutch
Zia Pueblo Sun Symbol


Beloved Lakota Woman Story
Code of the West
Devil Dancer Set
Feathers for Valor
Fetish, Amulet, Totem, Talisman
Four Winds
Lakota Code Talker Dies
Lakota Sioux
Lakota Horse Stick
Lakota Ledger Art
Mitakuye Oyasin - All are Related
Native American Indians
Native American Dolls
Navajo Code Talkers
Navajo Sand Painting
Prayer Feathers
Prayer Fans
Raven / Crow Medicine
Rattles, Ceremonial and Dance
Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing
Sacred Talking Prayer Feather
Spirit Dolls
Zuni, The Art and the People - book review


1960 - 1970s Jewelry Boom
Authenticating - Do Due Diligence
Buckle Vintage by Ervin Hoskie
Concho Belts Part I
Concho Belts Part II: The Art and Science of Wearing a Concho Belt
Consignment Sales
Dating Indian Jewelry: Lauris Phillips Notes on Dating Native American Jewelry
Devil Dancer Set
Do We Buy Jewelry?
Do We Buy Jewelry? - UPDATE
First Phase vs First Phase Style
Great American Jewelry Sell-Off
How to Determine Market Value
Knifewing Inlay Box
Married Jewelry Pieces
Necklaces Authentic Native American?
NOS = New Old Stock
Old Thunderbird Pin Wanted
Paula's Pawn
Pricing: Retail, Wholesale, Keystone
Repurposing Clip Earrings
Sending Unsolicited Jewelry
Tips for Selling Your Jewelry
Turquoise Buckle - One Pound+ !!
What is My Jewelry Worth?
What is Jewelry Scrap Value?
What's It Worth?
Woodard's Indian Shop
Value Your Jewelry Using Ebay


Anasazi Watch Company
Change Battery in Cuff Watch?
Choosing Watch Tips
Cuff Watch Switcheroo
Replace Watch Battery
Watch Styles
Watch Tips Undone by Cheap Watch?

Paula's Vintage Dooney & Bourke Blog


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Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation

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